WILLA FRAYSER EQUI-CHIC HANDBAGS ... One-Of-A-Kind Hand-Painted Fashion!

Now you will be able to take your artwork with you  - WILLA FRAYSER has added original hand-painted pocketbooks to her collection.  Each bag is selected to suit the color and shape of the horse, dog, fox or whatever animal she decides to paint.  Bags are high quality real leather or faux leather and are well recognized brands.  Prices for bags start at around $85 (plus shipping/handling).  Custom painted handbags are also available at a slightly higher cost.   Use the link at bottom of page to email the artist with questions about styles, designs and pricing.


I am not ashamed to tell you that I shed a tear or two. You captured the spirit of my Princess in your painting! I am so very happy with the bag. If I was wealthy I would buy all the bags that you could make and give them out as gifts!
— Recent Customer Debra Grafft, Tennessee